You may not have heard of short term vehicle insurance but it is a very useful thing to have if someone other than you will be driving your car for a few days. If you want to borrow your friend’s car for a few days, or you have a house guest and you want to lend them your car, then you need temp car cover. You can take out a short term insurance policy for between one and twenty eight days, and you don’t even have to go to your insurer to get it, you just purchase it online.

Some short term insurance cover also comes with breakdown cover included in the package, which is great if the other driver takes your car out for a spin and it breaks down. You may find that some insurance companies will also give you third party insurance if you are driving in Europe. In the UK most of the short term policies are fully comprehensive, but do check as these things can change. If you go online it should be fairly easy to find the cheapest short term insurance quote for your vehicle. Once you find a price that you are happy with you simply pay online, cover is immediate, and no waiting for the postman and you can print off your short term policy all in the space of a few minutes.

In order to qualify for short term car insurance you need to be between the age of 21 and 75 and been resident in the UK for at least 12 months, most companies insist that second drivers be at least twenty four years of age. One thing you really do need to look out for is that some insurance companies charge a very high excess on any claim you make in respect of a short term policy.


Finding a 36-Hour Short Term Policy

You need to take less than a weekend to move a newly purchased motorhome from the seller’s location to yours. There is no way to trailer the vehicle; it is much too large. Furthermore, your do not have the capability to tow the vehicle to its new location. Additionally, although you never anticipate anything going wrong with such a move, it is always wise to be fully prepared. Therefore, since you’ll have to drive the motorhome from the seller’s location to yours, you’ll need to get single day temporary insurance to cover such a trip. This is especially true if you are testing out the performance of the motorhome before you are actually committing to buying it.

Hiring a Driver

It is also a great idea to purchase a 36-hour short term van insurance policy in the event you are going to get somebody else to drive the new mother home from one location to the other. Whether you hire a driver or get a friend or relative to do the task it is important to make sure all your risk is covered. Placing the vehicle immediately upon your own personal policy may not be the best method to go about protecting yourself. There are a number of drawbacks to placing the vehicle on your own personal policy including making contact with your insurance agent/broker, providing the necessary documentation as well as receiving permitted coverage as quickly as possible.

Your Advantages are Many with Temporary Insurance

You can cover a temporary need
You can cover a driver other than yourself

A do-it-yourself move with temporary insurance coverage is less expensive than hiring a professional to transport your newly acquired motorhome

Search with Convenience

Through conducting a simple Internet search, you will be able to find the best instant quotes that should suit your particular needs.

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